Friday, August 24, 2018

Pivot Table for Large Assessment Files: An ITRT Recipe

When you have a lot of data to sort through, a pivot table may be your solution. 

This recipe would be best for administrators or coaches who have access to building/grade level data, since a typical classroom teacher may not have hundreds of rows of data, which is the value of a pivot table.


  • Google Sheet of data 
    • (If in Excel, open in Sheets)
  • Pivot Table

Skill Level/Time required:

  • Beginner - I promise that pivot tables sound scarier than they are.
  • 10-15 minutes


  1. Open your Sheet of data. 
  2. Along the menu bar, go to Data --> Pivot Table. This will create a new tab on your sheet and open the Pivot Table Editor menu.
  3. In Rows, Add the data you want to sort. In this example, I used 'Item Description' so we could see all the type of questions. 
  4. In Columns, Add the 'qualifiers' that you want to count by. In this example, I used 'Correct/Incorrect,' but you can have multiple columns that will nest in each other. 
  5. In Values, use the same value as in Columns. Be sure it is set to 'COUNTA.'


  1. Use this Pivot table to see areas of strength and weakness. 
  2. Add in a column with a formula to calculate the percentage correct or incorrect to make it easier.

Video directions:

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