Thursday, August 23, 2018

Paperless Classroom Sign Out: An ITRT Recipe

Develop a paperless classroom sign-out system with Google Forms and CheckItOut.

Keep track of who is where, without the hassle of tracking down tons of sheets of paper.


Skill Level/Time required:

  • Intermediate 
  • 30-45 minutes


  1. Create a new Google Form.
  2. Delete the first automatically generated question.
  3. Install and open the CheckItOut Add On. Select 'Add/Edit Question Set.'
  4. Select 'Add New' and retitle 'Check in/out set name' as "Students" or something similar. 
  5. Change 'Question type' to 'Choose from a list.'
  6. Leave the remaining two boxes alone (or change the second one to 'All students are present.'
  7. Select 'Add.'
  8. Add a list of student names into the first new question CheckItOut generated.
  9. Optional: Add a text field for Destination
  10. Set up the viewable Form on a dedicated device or generate a short link/QR code that links to it. 

Implementing with your students:

  1. Depending what you chose in step 8, place this device/short link/QR near an easily accessible place. 
  2. When students sign out, they select their name in the first drop down. When they return, they select their name in the second drop down. 
  3. They don't need to add time or date, since Google Forms will do this automatically. 
    • Go to the Responses tab in the edit screen of Google Forms to see this information.

Video directions:


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