Friday, August 24, 2018

Lesson Plan Feedback Form: An ITRT Recipe

Provide feedback to your teachers on lesson plans (or anything else you'd like)!

Administrators and coaches, pick your path - intermediate or advanced - to provide automatic and personalized feedback to your teachers.


  • Google Form
  • FormValues (Google Forms Add On - optional, but recommended)
  • Google Sheet
  • Google Doc
  • AutoCrat (Google Sheets Add On)
    • =VLOOKUP (Google Sheets Formula)
    • CopyDown (Google Sheets Add On)

Skill Level/Time required:

  • Intermediate: 30-45
  • If following Advanced directions: 60-90 minutes


  1. Create a Google Form that addresses all the area you wish to give feedback on. For this example, my admin wanted to be able to address Teacher Name, Date, Subject Area, Standard Present in Lesson Plan, Learning Intentions/Success Criteria, and Required Lesson Plan Elements (Flow, Opportunities to Respond, Student Engagement Strategies, and Feedback). 
    • If you are following the Intermediate directions, also include a textbox for teacher email. 
    • If following the Advanced directions, you will set this up to run automatically in step 6.
    • Using the FormValues Add on for Forms can help if you will be using the same values in Forms over and over. In this case, I used it for teacher name. 
  2. From the responses tab, create a spreadsheet of responses. Open the Sheet. 
  3. Create a new Google Doc and title it 'Lesson Plan Feedback Template' or something similar. 
  4. Create a template using the column headers from the Google Sheets within merge tags, which look like this: << and >>. This will help with Autocrat in step 7. 
    • For the "demographic information," I used two column tables - left containing the prompt (Teacher Name) and right containing the tag for Form response (<<Teacher Name>>). 
    • I used two-row tables - the top row had the "Look For" (How are learning intentions and success criteria evident?) and the bottom contain the tag for the Form response (<<How are learning intentions and success criteria evident? >>)
  5. Go to your Sheet from step 2.
    • This step allows you to automatically insert emails and specific folder placements. It takes time on the front end, but will end up saving you (and your teachers) lots of time and organization in the long run.
    • Go to your Google Drive and set up individual folders for each teacher that you'll be providing feedback to. 
    • Add a new page to the Sheet you opened in step 5. In column A, put the teachers' names as they appear in the Form. Column B should contain their email addresses. 
    • In Column C, cut and paste the folder ID in for each teacher. The folder ID is a long string of characters after /folder/ in the Google Drive URL. They all look similar to "1P6euIGuXwTiBb4NS40ykzpBR3yc1qsSN"
    • Back in the first page of the Sheet, add two columns - one titled Email and one titled Folder Reference.
    • Install/open the Copy Down Add on. It will prompt you to place the following formulas in a row it will create for you. 
    • In the new row, in both columns for Email and Folder reference, you will be writing a =VLOOKUP formula. It will look similar to =VLOOKUP(C3,Sheet2!$A$1:$B$45,2,false). Sheets does an ok job of guiding you what to type in and the optional video directions will explain this more. 
    • After you've done all this, you can join the rest of the class in step 7, and be sure to follow the optional, advanced directions in step 8, so all of your hard work pays off. To be fair, I did warn you that these were Advanced.
  7. Install/open the AutoCrat Add on. Run through the steps, using the template you created in step 3. If you set up the template in step 4 correctly, it should be easy, with just a lot of clicking through screens. Click here for an overview of the different Autocrat screens. If following the basic directions, you can entirely skip screen 6. 
    • You must set up screen 6 if you have chosen the advanced path. The above tutorial explains how to do it. See, that wasn't too terrible! 
  9. At the end, choose Save. Depending on what you chose for triggers, once you begin using the Form, the Feedback Docs will be created instantly, on certain time triggers, or run manually. 

Implementing with your teachers:

  1. Bookmark the viewable Google Form somewhere in your bookmarks bar. 
  2. Do your observation/feedback for the lesson plan/instruction in the Google Form. 
  3. Press "Submit." 
  4. If you have followed the intermediate directions, the teachers will get an email with your feedback. If you have followed the advanced directions, they will receive an email AND it will be filed in their individual folder.

Video directions:

Overall directions -

Advanced directions -


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