Thursday, August 16, 2018

Classroom Library Digital Check-Out System: An ITRT Recipe

Looking for a paperless classroom library check-out system, without QR/Bar Codes?

Using Google Forms and an add-on, you can easily create this user-friendly system.


Skill Level/Time required:

  • Intermediate 
  • 30-45 minutes


  1. Make a copy of the Google Form Template from the Ingredients (or from here). Make the form as decorative as you'd like.
  2. Add, edit, or remove any questions you would like. Be sure to fill in your class list in student name and edit/add the genres you want. 
  3. Install and open the CheckItOut Add On. Select 'Add/Edit Question Set.'
  4. Select 'Add New' and retitle 'Check in/out set name' as "Book" or something similar. 
  5. Change 'Question type' to 'Text with Listbox.'
  6. Leave the remaining two boxes alone and select 'Add.'
  7. If desired, move 'Author Name' and 'Genre' below the two questions CheckItOut added. 
  8. OPTIONAL - Embed the Google Form into a Google Site. (This optional step will help if you choose to make the 'Reading Log' public later - directions here).
  9. Use a Link Shortener to shorten the Google Form (or Google Site) URL. Alternatively, link to it from your Google Classroom or class website. 

Implementing with your students:

  1. Direct them to the check out form (wherever you placed it in step 9). 
  2. All directions are in the Form: 
    • They can select their name and genre from the drop down list. 
    • If they are checking a book out, they will type the full title under 'Check out.' 
    • If they are checking a book back in, select it from the menu under 'Check in.' 
    • They must also type in author name.

Video directions:


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